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In 1954 Dr. Mortimer Adler hosted a live weekly television series in San Francisco, comprised of 52 half-hour programs entitled The Great Ideas. These programs were produced by the Institute for Philosophical Research and were carried as a public service by the American Broadcasting Company, presented by (NET) National Educational Television, the precursor to what is now PBS.


Unfortunately, only the Bay-area residents were fortunate to see and hear Dr. Adler deliver these highly instructive and penetrating programs. Were it not for the foresight of Dr. Adler and his colleagues, to film each telecast (as this was a time before videotape) they would have been lost.  Dr. Adler bequeathed these films to the Center, making this invaluable work available to our universities, colleges, high schools, libraries, fellow citizens, and particularly to our young people who may not be aware of his important contributions. These half-hour programs are the perfect length for use in your home, office, classrooms, or discussion groups.

Although television presentation techniques have improved since then, it is the content of these programs that remains timeless and relevant to our world today.

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